Speed Optimisations

A website’s speed is an important factor, from Google’s search results page ranking, to your users’s experience with your website and all the way to how the website loads on mobile devices and the data consumption is enforces on the visitor.

How much a website’s speed can be optimised defers based on a number of factors, in general, it is closely bound to how well the website is built in general, as well as in which platform the website is built on. Simple static HTML website can be, in general terms, more optimised than websites that run on i.e. a CMS like WordPress.

At Some Web Devs though, we have established a process where we speed up WordPress websites significantly, most of the times down to a couple of seconds load time from previously load times of 10+ seconds.

When we built a website for you, the speed optimisations are built-into your website, from day one, no extra optimisations needed on your side.

Our “Website Boost” services are targeted towards exactly that, taking your website, either built by us or someone else, analyse it and provide the actions that will boost your website’s speed to rocket-level speeds, ultimately looking to cut down load times to the area of 1-2 seconds. We will do the work and provide consulting on further steps to enhance your website’s speed.

WordPress Plugins and Custom Development

We are WordPress experts! Not only do we know the platform quite well and built on it hundreds of websites but also we know how to extend it to match your needs.

We develop custom plugins and theme for WordPress and its e-commerce add-on WooCommerce and we achieve :

  1. full customisation of existing functions
  2. extensibility with new features, payment methods, new visual elements and more
  3. interconnection of WordPress and WooCommerce with external applications and sources
  4. connection of your WordPress / WooCommerce website to your CRM, ERP and other systems
  5. full integration of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, tracking codes, form embeds and other resources onto your WordPress website

We’ve built a vast number of websites on WordPress since 2002 and continue doing so to this day. We build informational websites, online stores, landing pages and we extend the platform via custom code, tailored to your own needs, following the WordPress guidelines.

Are you interested in extending your WordPress website? Let us know how and we will come up with a plan to make it happen!

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