User Experience Design & Optimisation Services

The way your visitors experience your website, the way your users experience your in-organisation or online software application, is crucial to the software system’s efficiency and performance. There are numerous examples of very interesting applications and services failing, because their usability was very low, hard to use, hard to understand.

In Some Web Devs, UX is deeply integrated in our application and website building process. We do not, ever, build a website or an application where UX is put aside. Its not just features that are important to your application, its use people can use it. Even if we have not built your website or application, we can provide audit reports on your website’s or application’s UX status, provide changes and optimisations that you can send to your previous developer so that your software can be updated. We can even take over the updates and upgrades as part of our services also.

From where people click, to how things progress and flow within your website or application, to the content structure, menu organisation, colours, fonts, typefaces, sizes and almost every single aspect of the things people see on your website or app, we analyse, test and tweak.

First comes the analysis, then comes the audit report and at the end, you have an option to assign the work to us or your current colleague.

At the end, your website and app will feel better, flow smoothly, have things placed correctly, feel more natural. Then, you will see the results of our work within your Google Analytics or even your revenue numbers.