Website Security and Malware Cleaning Services

Security is one of the most critical factors for your website and application. There is remotely zero chance of your website not being attacked at some point, either by automated systems called bots, or even human agents, both looking to instil malware code onto your website in order to achieve their goals.

When this happens, not only are your visitors in harms way as your website unwillingly sends malware to their computers or phones, but also you are gradually being flagged by Google and other vendors, ultimately leading to red warnings for users that your website is spreading viruses around the web.

This situation is more common that you might think around the web these days, as malware attacks are growing in numbers exponentially.

Our “Guardian” services are optimised with our know-how since 2002, to avoid such difficult situations by tweaking your website’s code in a manner that makes it multiple time mode difficult for a bot and a hacker to infect your website with malware code. This way, the possibility of your website being hacked is lowered significantly, all the way down to the point where, if an infection takes place, you can safely assume its targeted and very wall planned and orchestrated.

Even if your website is currently hacked and infected, we can help you clean it up and toughen its security so that it does not happen again.

Our “Guardian” services contain both one-time actions but also monthly maintenance sessions so that your website is always monitored.

Have you upgraded your website to HTTPS? Has your SSL certificate expired? Get in touch and we will upgrade your website to run over HTTPS with an SSL Certificate that will cost you nothing annually. Having your website run over HTTPS is important for both your performance in Search Engines and especially Google but also to make your visitors feel safe while browsing your website and exchanging data with your forms.

HTTPS is essential for e-shops so if you run an online store that it not yet running over HTTPS and has no SSL certificate in place, its imperative that you upgrade your website’s HTTPS / SSL capabilities immediately!