Hire us as contractors and leverage our experience and high-quality services for your own clients or your own business!

Over the years we’ve worked with numerous companies from the United States, United Kingdom and Europe helping them get the software they needed for their own businesses or as sub-contractors for companies that offer services similar or peripheral to ours.

We can work with you in a sub-contractor-ship and contractor-ship manner to help you get the job done and provide our high quality services to you and to your clients.

When we work with you as part of a contractor-ship agreement, our services are almost white-labeled to you and you offer what we offer through your brand.

Before we start, we will get in touch with a web meeting and discuss your needs, then we will move into forming up a contract tailored to your needs and requirements, once signed, we will open up an operations queue for you and start working on your projects.

Our rates vary based on the nature of the contract and services we are required to offer as part of our contract with you. We will inform you of our rates and processes once we finish the initial communication with you and understand better what you need and come up with a plan of how we can help you in the best possible manner.

We are certain our collaboration will be great, it has been so for us with many partnerships so far and we know we can make it work with you also!

Interested in working with as as sub-contractors?

We would love to hear from you on your projects, type of work and how you would like us to get involved!

Please fill in the form to the right and one of our senior analysts will contact you to get started on communications and the initial stages of exploring our options. 

Thank you in advance for your interest! This is going to be very exciting! 

CEO, Senior Software Systems Architect