OMG, sooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuteeeeeeee!!!

We feel it, because we have one in our lives, we know you want to show his or her life, to talk for him or her, to show pictures, to show videos, to blog about him.

Let’s do it, talking about your puppy is one of the sweetest things you can do, let’s build a website where you can lay out all of the sweetness and cuteness for everyone to see.

Its easy, because its so cute!

A website for your puppy can :

  • show your doggo’s still cuteness pictures
  • display video evidence that your puppy is the sweetest one
  • let you blog as if you were her or him, write thoughts, what did you do today?
  • provide tips that you know to other puppy-parents, they might want to know
  • show him or her growing up

Aww… 🙂

Our head of puppy-operations, mini-collie "Byte", will assist you and us on building a fluffy website which will make your friends wanna pet the website as much as your puppy 😛

Show your puppy videos

Your pupper pictures for the world to see

A blog through the eyes of the puppy

Sweet remembrance, forever

How does it work?

  1. contact us and we will arrange a short call to discuss your website
  2. we will build your website and you will be able to see it as its being built
  3. we will arrange intermediate calls and/or meetings for review and comments
  4. we will help you book your domain name and publish your site in no time
  5. we will show you how to upload content or we can manage it for you

Interested? Contact us today to start chatting about your puppy website! 

Whereas our main focus is WordPress, we can also build websites in almost every one of the popular platforms and technologies around the web right now, this enables us to build upon CMS platforms like WordPress or custom-built apps that will cover your needs around the following types of applications :

  1. informational websites for your business or your portfolio
  2. electronic shops and stores with full automation capabilities
  3. blogs and magazines online so you can share your thoughts
  4. landing pages to empower your internet marketing campaigns
  5. subscription based websites with content access control
  6. forums and bulleting boards for you community conversations
  7. custom applications for your business needs, CRMs, ETL processes and more
  8. middleware API to API connectors so you can automate your business processes

In short, our long experience in software creation, is put directly into our Agile process of building web applications. This introduces a huge benefit for the end product, which is build by the book, by the rules, clean and simple in its implementation. Although these items appear of lesser importance, they offer, down the line, some very hard to find benefits :

  • updatability of your website with no margin for errors
  • portability of your application and website so that you can move whenever you want
  • less gap of knowledge in case you decide to go on with another vendor on managing your website
  • easy comprehension of the structure of your application so that you know how that engine works too
  • extensibility of your website and application without having to go back into the drawing board
  • full ability for enhanced security of your website and application, which is now crucial to your online presence and day to day operations.
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