My Website is down, not loading

Your website, electronic store or web application can be down due to many reasons, let us know of the address and some background info and we will check, then get back to you with next steps and info.

Please make sure that you have the following info handy

The URL address, username & password

for your web hosting management panel, usually cPanel or Plesk, we will need them to access the server database and file system for corrections

You don’t?
Unfortunately, without such access, we cannot perform cleanups and deeper remediation of your website, we will, ultimately, need these in order to fully clean your website.

Access to your domain management panel

maybe GoDaddy or some other domain registrar, in case we need to redirect the website into somewhere else temporarily

You don’t
Its ok for now, this might not be needed at all, just keep it handy in case we need it down the line.

We will add your website to our monitoring services

we will add your website to our monitoring services so we can know when its up or down, we will only do this if we start working together towards investigating why your site is down.

You don’t want to?
If you don’t want us to add your website to our downtime monitoring service, please let us know in the comments in the form to the right.

General Software Development Services

We have built numerous applications in custom code, in majority based on Microsoft’s .net platform, especially For our database applications we use Microsoft’s SQL Server.

If you need an application for your business, we can build it for you.

In SWD we don’t keep anything from you, the code of your custom application is yours. We don’t just deliver the application, you get the code also, so that at any time, you can move away or fork the code and create something else of your own.

We do this as part of our billing model and Scrum methodology, along with our policy for intellectual property and property in general in these cases.

Fill in the emergency form and we will get back to you ASAP