Custom ACS Courier Plugin for WooCommerce

Our custom WooCommerce plugin for ACS Courier will help you implement the ACS Shipping method within your WooCommerce installation. It is built to fully bind into WooCommerce and implement the shipping method within its API.

The Custom ACS Courier Plugin for WooCommerce is custom-made, this means we customise it and tweak it towards your needs and based on your business model. To get a better understanding of how the plugin works and how you can get it for your own WooCommerce installation, please contact us using the form below or our chat function.

To be able to use the plugin you will need an active collaboration with ACS Courier and a set of values which ACS will provide such as :

  • Company ID
  • Company Password
  • User Name
  • Password
  • Customer ID

You will have two sets of such variables, one for your live system and one for your test system. The first one we will use to build your custom version of the plugin, the second one will be your production / live instance.

Our Custom ACS Courier Plugin for WooCommerce already works and is activated in dozens of e-shops we’ve build based on WordPress / WooCommerce.

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