June 29, 2019

Why and how important is to keep your WordPress website up to date

Keeping your WordPress website updated and all of its components too is essential to avoiding problems with stability and security. One of the most important things about WordPress is its vast community and large number or committed premium developer and developer vendors, constantly keeping their WordPress plugins and themes updates at the same time with the core of WordPress being kept up to date by the WP community.
March 6, 2018

WordPress under attack : Securing your administration area

Let’s now go step by step through a process of securing your website. We will propose some plugins for each of the steps but you can always choose your own plugins to carry out each of the steps of hardening. Administration username and password Administrator’s username tips Let’s start with the simple things. First, your administrator’s username should not be the same name as the one being shown on the front end of wordpress. When you post something on wordpress, a blog post for instance, the author’s name is rendered for the visitor to see. This should not be the […]
February 27, 2018

WordPress under attack : the main reasons your website is vulnerable

There are quite a few reasons why your website can be vulnerable. In more general terms it has to do with how much up-to-date it is, your password level of sophistication, your web hosting environment and your behaviour. As far as your website is concerned, here is a list of the most common reasons : WordPress core Updatability WordPress as a whole regularly gets updated by its creators. This is done in order to fix bugs and patch security holes as well as bring new features to the end-user. Your wordpress’s version should be the latest so to be sure […]