October 15, 2018

WordPress Speed : Browser VS Server Cache, Explained

One of the most common reasons of a website’s speed degrading, is image size. In more general terms, it’s how your browser receives these assets from the server and how often. When you load a web page on your browser, along with the html code, css context and other external assets, come the images and static assets embedded on that web page. What’s static assets? By static assets we mean all the items or files what don’t dynamically change with each server page load. For instance, a php page’s output might change each time you load that php page, some […]
October 13, 2018

SEO : been there, done that, now what?

In case you did all of the above and your question is “what happens then”, then you should know that neither on-site SEO nor off-site SEO are one-off actions. On-site SEO should be performed regularly, not necessarily frequently. Every here and there, you should be checking your on-site SEO and maybe apply micro- optimizations. For instance, you go back on your website and see that in your law services page, the “criminal” term is not all that much optimized, edit it and optimize it, it will be good. Off-site SEO should, on the other hand, be performed regularly and maybe […]