July 30, 2018

Off-site SEO : link-building, write articles and send them to press websites or magazines 

Or in other words, your link-building strategy.  There are a couple of ways you can add links to other peoples’ websites. Since you don’t control their website but they do, then you can’t really go in and add links unless they want it or allow it. So you will need to follow some digital-PR steps to “convince” them to add a link to your website. One way to make it happen is to write an article about your own concept and then send it to online magazines and press websites ( again of high quality and relevancy ). So let’s […]
July 13, 2018

On-Site SEO : Body text and first paragraph

Mainly in case you don’t use a meta description, the first paragraph of the text of each page is very important. In all cases, your first paragraph should be descriptive and contain the target terms. Use correct wording and a “human” text, readable, but include the target terms of your page. Each website’s content and text can be organized into paragraphs ( like this document ) which in HTML is marked with an opening <p> and a closing </p>, each paragraph is enclosed into <p> and </p> and your web page’s first paragraph should too. Your page’s body text By […]