June 27, 2018

On-Site SEO : Meta Description and Meta – Keywords

Apart from the front-end, obvious and visible parts of a page, there are some hidden parts on it which are called meta-data. Two common meta-data elements which are important to search engines are meta-description and meta-keywords. Both should be included in our SEO process as they are important to search engines. Meta Description Meta Description is a hidden field in which we write one – two sentences that describe this page. For instance, in our example of law services for our simple law firm, a meta description could be : We offer Criminal and Trade Law services for individuals and […]
June 13, 2018

On-Site SEO : Web page URLs and broken links

Search engines visit your website every day, multiple times, they take each of your pages and list its url and their analysis on that page. They store this information on their database so they can propose it or not in the search results when a user searches for something relevant. Can i simply change a url? Since the urls are the main parameter via which each of your website’s pages is distinguished from the others, changing those urls will cause problems to both the search engine and your visitors. For instance, if you already have a web address like : […]