March 28, 2018

Search Engine Optimisation : Off-site VS On-site, what’s the difference?

Search engine optimization contains two things we need to do, a set of actions that we need to do on the website and another set of actions to perform outside our website. To correctly perform the full optimization of our pages, we will need to do both steps. On-site SEO can be a one-off or less frequent update, whereas off-site SEO can be thought of as a never-ending process that we need to follow repeatedly, not frequently necessarily but repeatedly for sure. What is On-Site SEO? On-Site SEO is the group of actions we need to perform on our website. […]
March 17, 2018

Search Engine Optimisation : Search terms, broad and specific terms

When it comes to how the users search, things are pretty straightforward. Like mentioned above, a search for “t-shirts” is of a higher maybe competition than a search for “prosthetic legs” and this is due to the term’s popularity on the web, or in other words, how many more websites talk about “t-shirts” than “prothetic legs”. Another distinction than popularity can be how specific the search term is or not. A search for “t-shirts” is a broader search than “long sleeve pink t-shirt for men”. We expect less websites to talk specifically about “long sleeve pink t-shirt for men” than […]
March 6, 2018

WordPress under attack : Securing your administration area

Let’s now go step by step through a process of securing your website. We will propose some plugins for each of the steps but you can always choose your own plugins to carry out each of the steps of hardening. Administration username and password Administrator’s username tips Let’s start with the simple things. First, your administrator’s username should not be the same name as the one being shown on the front end of wordpress. When you post something on wordpress, a blog post for instance, the author’s name is rendered for the visitor to see. This should not be the […]
March 1, 2018

Off-Site SEO : what we do outside our website to help it in SERP

Website’s structure, content quality, easy of use and user experience, loading time e.t.c. are important factors for your website’s performance on search engines. This is what we tried to optimize up to a level in on-site SEO. Now we will talk about all the actions needed for you to follow outside your website in order to help it perform better in search engines, all those actions that are considered as off-site SEO. What’s off-site SEO? When you need to find a plumber for your house, you most probably ask some friends or some neighbors. Each one proposes a different one but […]